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Soba Noodle Salad

Hello Kitty
My lunch was surprisingly tasty and I'm a little sad that it's gone now.

Soba Noodle and Kale Salad
serves 1

1.2 -1 bundle soba noodles*
drizzle of oil
1-2 leaves of kale, any kind, depending on size
1/4 c of sliced grape or cherry tomotoes or chopped tomotes
1-2 tablespoons peanut butter**
1/2 teaspoon soy sauce of tamari
pinch of red pepper flake or a dash of preferred hot sauce, chili oil or sirracha

  Cook noodles according to package directions (probably 5-6 minutes). Drain and rinse with cold water until they are no warmer than room temperature. If you are going to let them sit coat the noodles with a little bit of oil to prevent sticking. The noodles can be stored for several days.

While the noodles are cooking remove the kale from the stems if you haven't already and massage the leaves (crumple and uncrumple them a few times) until they makes realtiviely few crackling sounds. Thinly slice the leaves; i do this by stacking them up, rolling the stack tightly and slicing across it. Should look like it's been shredded.

Kitchen method:
  Combine the peanut butter, soy sauce and red pepper flake in the bowl for the salad. Add water a teaspoon at a time until it is a pourable dressing. Add the noodles and toss. Add the kale and tomatoes and toss again.

Lunch box method:
  Combine the kale and tomatoes in a bowl and put the soba noodles on top. In a small bowl or ramekin mix together the peanut butter, soy sauce and red pepper flake. Add water a teaspoon at a time until it is a pourable dressing. Pour over the noodles and toss the sauce with them before tossing the noodles with the kale.

*The soba bundles I get are enough for 2 servings when i combine them with other things. I cook the whole bundle, split it in two and refridgerate half.

**I just tossed the dressing ingedients in a travel jar that already had peanut butter in it. There was maybe a tablespoon and, while it was very good, I was wanting a little bit more.


So much productivity!

Hello Kitty
I was quite productive yesterday!
Washed 4 loads of laundry (one of which had to hang dry) and a small round of hand washing.
Folded and put everything away except some of the hanging stuff that wasn't dry yet.
Went to 42nd Street Candy Company and Whole Foods.*
Made apple hand pies.
Made Granola
Finished knitting a sweater, inluding hiding ends and adding a decorative applique.
Blocked the sweater.
Made dinner (red dal with sweet potatoes). Had pie for dessert.
Watched around 3.5 hours of TV while doing all that. Mostly while folding laundry, washing dishes and knitting.

* I wished I had the sport camera for the Whole Foods trip. Due to road work on Western traffic was moving at a slow bicycle pace between I-44 and Grand (it might have been a bit faster north of Grand). I was coasting.

I'll get a picture of the sweater soon. I also want to get a progress picture of an afghan.

Photo Dump

Hello Kitty
I did a photo dump over at G+. Go see it!

Labor Day Weekend

Hello Kitty
I'm sure you want to know what I did. Becasue you will likely ask later.
Saturday: I went on a short bike ride at the river and then went to work. Being the first weekend of school there wasn't much going on.

Sunday: Went on a 35mi-or-there-abouts bike ride with Johnny. Then I made a simple lunch, we went to the grocery and pet stores. When we came back I made black bean patties and carrot and orange salad to take to dinner at Johnny's parents house. They were having burgers so I made my own instead of getting store-bought again. I took Tsuro along and we played many rounds of the game. It goes much faster and it is considerably more difficult to avoid the paths others make with 6 people.

Monday: Skipped the ride becasue we were tired and made pacakes instead. Went to an arts festival at Oklahoma City Community College (where we got some tasty but very sweet cherry limeade) and were very glad that it was so windy becasue otherwise the heat and humidity would have been unbearable. Johnny did laundry while I got a loaf of brioche started and made dinner. We both played games on our own computers, read books or otherwise puttered about for the rest of the day.

Tuesday: Ran to the gym, swam, ran home again. This time I used my camelback, without the bladder, to carry my swim gear so I had no red and scabby marks on my collar bones. Also, it rained on me on the way home. Started when I was at 12th, stopped at 17th, started again at 20th, poured while I waited for the light at 23rd and eased up again at 24th. It rained in varying degrees all morning with some fantastic thunder (I was occupied and not watching the lightning). Finished the brioche (it smells amazing) and baked some muffins too. While the brioche was doing it's final rise I practiced piccolo; Hermes was surprisingly well behaved with very little of his usual begging and whinning. After a late lunch I walked out to pay the rent and repotted the aloe plants when I came back.
That's as far as I've gotten today. I plan on making dinner and going to yoga later.

Here's a picture of my newly re-potted aloes. Before they were all in the yogurt container I transplanted them to when I got them. They've grown a bit; it had gotten a bit crowded.
Photo on 9-2-14 at 2.58 PM

NFA Convention

Hello Kitty
If you care about what I did at the National Flute Association Annual Convention then here it is. There are no pictures because though I took the camera to Chicago it stayed in the hotel room. There was not much I thought to take pictures of.

Wednesday: Arrived in the morning and grabbed lunch on the way to the Art Institute of Chicago. We saw all of the impressionist galleries, the contemporary art galleries, ancient Greek and Roman pottery and coins and sculpture, and the sculpture portion of Indian art. Also poked about the gift shop.
Went to the hotel and waited in quite the line to check in (there were only a couple hundred people arriving today, geez). Had enough time to admire the small room on the executive floor (really, no space for the usual armchair and table but on a floor requiring a key card in the elevator) before heading to a 1.5 hour rehearsal. Volunteer meeting. Dinner in less than an hour (Johnny called ahead to make sure it was possible); spinach rangoon are delicious. Back to rehearsal for 2 hours. It is now 10pm.

Thursday: 5k run up Michigan Ave. to the river, along the lake front and back through millennium park to the hotel. 8am warm up with the flute orchestra and the concert at 9. The Windy City Flute Orchestra had 225 members. It was kinda cool.
Sessions I attended were body mapping focused on the hand and arm and warming up with and for orchestral excerpts (I volunteered to be a guinea pig in this one and another Oklahoma Flute Society member has pictures to prove it). Also visited the exhibits, or half of them. Got some new music.
And two night time concerts. Well, I went to all but the last piece of the gala concert, which was fun but ran over by nearly and hour, and the first 45 minutes of the East to West concert because by then it was 11:15 and I was falling asleep in my chair.
Dinner at the Chicago Curry House (Indian and Nepalese) was really, really good.

Friday: Yoga in the room because my legs were getting very tight and my arms were not far behind. 8am volunteer event; also known as door monitoring.
Sessions for the day were a career mini conference and panel focusing on audition preparations, a piccolo recital, and an etude seminar that turned the etudes into duets. I went to the rest of the exhibits and then went back again later to get a few things I learned about.
I also visited the used bookstore a couple blocks up that Johnny had already visited. I went through all the many stacks of scores they had and bought a lot. I had a slap fight with the resident cat around the stacks of scores that he was hiding in the middle of. He later permitted me to pet him.
Met Jeremy and Lauren, Johnny's Friend and his girlfriend, for dinner at the Chicago Diner. The Buddha Karma Burger is awesome. The milkshakes are also awesome and totally worth it.

Saturday: More morning yoga. 8:30am recital today, a low flutes choir and soloists. I really wanted to go get that $1,500 used alto that I found to be acceptable the day before. Bit big for an impulse purchase though. Orchestral Audition Masterclass and two volunteer engagements rounded out the day. Also, yet another, trip through the exhibits for more music... and to play alto flutes and start shopping for a new c-flute. I played a $35,000 Burkhart just for the hell of it and it was lovely. I did find one I liked a good bit but I'm still saving up. Oh, James Galway was at the booth he had to sell method books and was signing autographs and taking pictures that afternoon. There was a long line.
Funny moment in the excerpt masterclass: We had been hearing someone warming up in the hall next door the whole time (those ballroom dividers are not exactly sound tight) and right then Daphnis and Chloe by Maurice Ravel was being taught. The teacher was talking about the final trill of the excerpt; had the student play it again with his suggestions and in the moment of silence right after she finished the person next door plays the same trill but goes on with the swooping gesture in the 2nd flute part. We all chuckle and move on. Shortly after the warm-up person walks through the partition... one of the french virtuosos. The teacher looks at him and then back to the audience "Maybe he'll play Daphnis for us." Looks back at the virtuoso "Can you play Daphnis for us?" in hopeful tone. Sadly he did not. He informed us that we had over run our time. Sad.
Between the masterclass and the volunteering I walked up to the Magnificent Mile to have a look around. Big crowds really mess up traffic flow. Either the turning lanes need a separate light or the pedestrians do. Possibly both. So much honking.
We met up with Jeremy and Lauren again to go to a free concert in Grant Park (where the giant bean-thing is). It was fun, the orchestra's performance of Rachmaninoff was less than inspiring, but it was an enjoyable evening none the less.

Sunday: Time to come home. Get up a 4:30 so we can catch a train back to the airport just before 5. There was a section of track shut down for maintenance and it was replaced by shuttle buses and we were advised to allow extra time. We made pretty good time to the airport; shorter than most people were quoting us.

Overall it was a rather enjoyable trip.


I am entertained.

Hello Kitty
"Stinktierkinder" (German for baby Skunks!)

Weekend pictures!

Hello Kitty
I posted pictures from last weekend and a yoga picture over at G+. Go see.


I got some really nice customer service.

Hello Kitty
A while back a friend gave Johnny and I a game called Gloom. When we first opened the box we learned that we that the two stacks of cards in the box were identical; we'd gotten half of the game twice. We procrastinated asking the company about replacing the missing deck until this past Thursday I logged onto the game makers website to find the contact info.
Atlas Games already has a form for missing parts, cards and decks. All I had to do was tell them which deck I did have and they'd send me the one I was missing. Easy peasy. I got a reply a couple hours later that could or could not have been a form email that said it was on it's way.
The new deck arrived today. From St. Paul, MN. With a hand written note. Seriously fast.

Also, I think worth noting, it was packaged in the optimal amount of packaging. It's so nice to see something that hasn't been over-packaged.

Half Marathon!

Hello Kitty
So, the Chronotrack and OKCMarathon thing only tweeted my 10k split. Weird.
Total time of 2:31:45. This is the Chronotrack page. Bib Number 14508.

So, here's how it went. First, the start was very much delayed. The original start time was 6:30am. Thanks to weather and their desire that we not run in a thunderstorm it was first pushed back to 7am, then 7:15, then 8 with a reminder that we can shelter in the parking garages set aside for this purpose, then 8:15, and we finally ran at 8:20.

Three miles in and my left knee decides to revolt. This meant my 2:15 goal time went out the window since I was going to have to do much more walking than I had planned. Also, there are many streets here that slope down from the center to the gutters at an angle big enough to mess up a persons stride. I don't like them.

Johnny couldn't run so he did the cheering thing and rode his bike to various points along the route to support Brian and me. He was at 25th and Robinson, the turn onto Western, and Classen and 36th (along with his parents who were looking the other way when I ran past). He was also at the runners exit after the finish line. He was there to give us snacks we had packed and he took anything we didn't want to carry anymore such as my headphones, ipod and granola bars that were bouncing annoyingly in my jersey.